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Millstone Time

Jesus once said, "It would be better for him if a millstone were hung round his neck and he were cast into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to stumble."

It's millstone time! Little ones are stumbling, deliberately tripped by people who say the kids wanted to fall and that it was good for them.

Ideas are powerful. Bad ideas lead to bad behavior, but bad behavior also seeks out bad ideas to justify itself. Sexual behavior is arguably the most highly rationalized of all human activities. This used to be uniformly recognized by society in general, if not by those doing the intellectual dance around the facts. For example, when a rapist says, "But she wanted it," most people are not swayed by the argument.

But outrage is fading when a homosexual pedophile says of his young partner, "I was attracted to him because he is actually homosexual and he sought me out for initiation into the wonderful world of sexuality."

The message that is seeping into mainstream thinking is that the presence of a desire is its own justification and that desires are ultimately irresistible. Now hang onto your minds for a moment. If you are an adult and have any degree of self-understanding, you will admit that you have had sexual desires that you know should not be acted out. Did you resist? If you did not, do you wish you had?

When a boy seeks attention from a man, he is often looking for just that -- attention. Children have a legitimate need for acceptance and affection. In our day of absent or preoccupied parents, there is an epidemic of "father hunger" among both girls and boys. Any adult who twists this innocent desire into a license for self-indulgence is guilty of betraying trust!

When the "intergenerational intimacy" advocate says, "But he seduced me," it may indeed be that the child tried to attract the adult, but not for sexual purposes. And if sex became a tool the child could use in an attempt to maintain at least the appearance of love, he may continue to use it if he is needy enough. Finally, sexual activity is addictive, even for the immature. Initiating a child into sexual practices will tend to perpetuate those practices, with often disastrous final results.

If people who promote or justify these evil practices do not cease and desist - better yet, repent - then bring out the millstones.

Ross S. Olson MD

Dr. Olson is a Pediatrician living in Minneapolis and working in Apple Valley.

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