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Poetry: Discipleship

The Last Straw

All right,
That's it. I'm telling you,
You've finally made your last miscue.
I've waited for this chance to say
I'm done with you
And done to stay.
(I never liked you anyway.)
And if just anyone should ask
I'll tell them plain the simple fact
So none could blame
Someone like me
Who tried so hard...

What, Lord?
What's that You say?
Forgive four-ninety times a day?
How many times I've failed you?
Oh, I don't know, I guess a few.

Yes, now I see.
You don't hold up the past to me.
And, truthfully, my sins aren't few.
My attitude's disgusting, too.

Forgive me, Lord, as I forgive.
And truly let me love
And live to help my brother
Grow to be
What You intend for him,
For me.

Ross Olson

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