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Global Warning

Yes, climate change is coming,
But not as some would think.
The world has been polluted,
And humans made it stink.

The cause is not some gases.
Less burning’s not the goal,
But cure of something deeper,
More toxic to the soul.

Rebelled against the Maker
Of us and all the rest,
Because we were the stewards,
Caused crumbling of the best.

In futile quest for freedom,
To whims are now the slave.
Shun rules as mere restrictions,
Think anarchy is brave.

Conclusion will come crashing
Like final curtain fall.
And God Who offered freedom,
Judge be for one and all.

This world dissolved in fire
And re-done perfectly.
Decisions’ consequences,
Some rise to Him, now free.

The fiery lake for rebels,
Some thought they had control.
Too late, then see it clearly,
Deceived, they lost their soul.

         Ross Olson June 2008

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